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Káren-Ann Hurri - Sámi artist, designer and cultural worker. 


I’m 26 years old, from the most northern village in Sweden, called Gárásavvon, in the heart of Sápmi. 

I’m the oldest child in a reindeer herding family, self taught artist and graphic designer, a politician in the Swedish Sámi Parliament, examined in social entrepreneurship 2021 and now studying silversmithing and jewelry design.


I tend to make my hobbies my livelihood, but some things I’ve kept as hobbies, like traveling, pole-dancing and cooking.


All my work has its core in my passion for social influence and solving societal issues. 

I have always liked to find solutions and be creative, not until last autumn I started illustrating and doing art as a part of my company, which is now my greatest occupation. Moreover I title myself as a sámi cultural worker.


My first real social art product was a wall calendar, with the theme “Women, nature and movement”, the calendar, with a new theme each year, is a recurring favorite. I had my first art exhibition "Gaskavuođat - Relations" in Jokkmokk in the summer of 2021. I mostly custom design logos, posters, covers and any graphic design. If you want to see more and follow my art journey visit my website or my instagram account @govvidan. 

Furthermore I tailor lectures and workshops on Sámi culture and Equity in the sámi community. I also want to bring Social entrepreneurship mindset and models to Sápmi since I think many companies and our community would benefit from it. Don’t hesitate to reach out in the interests of orders or collaboration!


In Sápmi we are used to having multiple roles and occupations and I have always been encouraged to do different things. So I will let my favorite quote sum up this presentation- “If oat can become milk, you can become anything”, so I believe we can create everything together.

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